• Carolyn Brouillard

The Women at Home

And the women stayed home.

We let our roots grow and the grey bleed through.

We allowed the polish on our nails to chip and fade away.

We ditched Spanx and lingered without make-up, letting everything breathe.

The women gave themselves permission to rest.

And the women asked questions.

We allowed ourselves to dream and connect with the woman on the inside.

We embraced the feelings rising in our breasts as teachers and friends.

We comforted our fears and dared to be still, feeling our native strength.

The women gave themselves permission to heal.

And the women loved.

We fed our families and wiped away tears.

We asked after neighbors and delighted in our pets.

We found fun in imagination and danced in the kitchen, leading others in play.

The women gave themselves permission to shine.

And the women turned their faces to the sun.

We made a promise that what was learned will not be forgotten.

We vowed to always remember who we are.

Us women realized the boundlessness of our potential.

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