I am a passionate explorer of personal growth and devoted believer in the power of words to excite positive change. I am a woman in love with words and the possibilities of a blank page.


Ever since I was a little girl scribbling in my diaries, I've turned to the written word to make sense of my life and my place in the cosmos. Starting to write again, for myself and all of you, has been a homecoming, where the fragments of me are coming back together. 

As a writer, I use my life as a teaching device to inspire and illuminate positive personal change in myself and others. On this site and through my monthly newsletter, I'll be sharing my experiences and what they've taught me, in the hopes that you can draw something from them that helps you.  

You can find more of my work at the following sites:




I am also on YouTube! 

As always, I welcome your feedback. 

Yours in Gratitude & Transformation,



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